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217. John Seven & Jana Christy


John Seven and Jana Christy


Onomatopoeia had the pleasure of talking to comic stalwarts, turned wicked kids book creators; writer, John Seven and artist Jana Christy.  We discuss; their foray into the 1990’s comic scene with their black and white comic series Very Vicky, as well as explore Jana’s lush art and John’s clever writing on their new kids books: The Happy Punk series, A Year with Friends, and their most recent, A Rule is to Break: A Child’s Guide to Anarchy.

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More toys!

It’s Wall-E and Eva! I got Wall-E at a Toys R Us here in Montreal. He’s got great articulation and he spits out cubes of garbage!  He has wheels on his feet and his eyes move as well. He’s really a nicely detailed toy.  I saw Eva at a Toys R Us Express in Ontario when I was visiting my parents.  My brother thought I was crazy because I made him take me back the next day to buy it.  I neeeeeeeeded it.  Her chest opens up to see a drawing of a living plant.  As well you can push a button on the back of her head and her eyes change shape. Her arms and head move as well. I’m telling you, these toys are perfect for making your own Wall-E movie.

Wall-E is one of my favourite kids movies ever.  It’s a robot love story that is also a commentary on our excessive, wasteful and harmful to the environment ways.  It is beautifully animated and there is very little dialogue, which is surprising because it still packs an emotional wallop. It’s a fantastic movie and I love my Wall-E toys.

I tried to go all gang busters on podcasting today.  Made some headway on the content for the Cartoon Capers episode and then started to clean up the old episodes that were posted before the website move.  There is a lot of work to be done and again I made some headway, but the amount still left to do was daunting and it felt like I barely had anything to show for what I had done.  So I decided to start editing podcasts and I got one interview done as well as one episode.  I have to admit, I’m worn out.  I’ll try to get some stuff up Sunday night.  Even if its just an article and a podcast.  Oh yeah, I also tried to add to my new facebook page.  Onomatopoeia Show Group I guess.  I would link to it but I totally hate facebook.  With a great great passion.  Which is why I usually avoid it.  I’m always on Twitter @cartoongal  ALways.

190. Blacksad




Creators Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido are on a level unto themselves, straight out of the gate they had this fantastic character that oozed Dashiell Hammett and moved like a dream. The writing made it hard to put down, the twists and turns were rarely predictable. With 4 books detailing the adventures of Blacksad, Canales and Guarnido have mastered the art of comic. Anthropomorphic and so much more, Onomatopoeia gushes like a fan girl over the beautiful Blacksad.

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189. Sandman Spin-offs


Sandman Spin-offs


This week on Onomatopoeia we look at all the spin off series from The Sandman.  Like The Dreaming, Death: A High Cost of Living, Time of Your Life, Death at Deaths Door, The Deadboy Detectives, Jill Thompson’s adorable Lil Endless, Sandman Mystery Theatre, all the Sandman Presents, Sandman: Dream Hunters, Endless Nights and Lucifer.  Even though most weren’t written by Neil Gaiman, they still hold true to his creative genius and are just as fun.  Besides, don’t you want to know what happens to the characters you’ve become invested in since reading the entire Sandman oeuvre?

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Image Footnotes: *Slider = Vince Locke  *Header = Jill Thompson’s  Lil Delirium.

188. Interview with Glenn Wool


Glenn Wool


This is the entire interview with Glenn Wool, recorded in a toy shed, on a rainy day during Just for Laughs 30th anniversary.


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