My mission in life is to brainwash every man, woman and child into realizing that comics are more than just juvenile pablum.

When done right they can be an amazing amalgam of art and literature. Comics can make you laugh, cry, think and feel just as much as your favorite movie or book.. While looking visually stunning at the same time. It’s my favorite medium. I know, there are comics out there for everyone, but they are hard to find. Let me be your guide. I’ll be your cartoon gal.

For the past 10 years I’ve been living, eating, sleeping and breathing comics. From writing comic stories, to editing fund-raising anthologies. I’ve worked in comic book stores, I’ve written for The Comics Journal. I’ve attended comic conventions all along the West Coast and interviewed many.

But now, now it’s a whole new ballgame. New station, new day, new time slot and a whole wide world of Band Dessine to discover. I can’t wait. Montreal is a thriving hum of comic activity. Every week there is something incredible and comic related happening. There’s so much to learn and so much to share. I plan on exploring all avenues of the art form. Whether it be cartoons, action figures, fashion illustration, poster art, movies, music, anything and everything to do with the graphic arts, it shall be covered.

Musically I’ll be playing some new and neat stuff (Bat for Lashes and The Heavy) but I’ll be playing the oldies and goodies too. (Drop Nineteens, The Mills Brothers, Astrud Gilberto and Mike Ladd) The show will be bursting at the seams with variety.

So welcome. Welcome to The Onomatopoeia Show. All graphic arts, all the time.


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