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185. Interview with Jason Lapeyre

The complete interview with Jason Lapeyre, the writer/director of Faceless, I Declare War and Cold Blooded.


184. Lapeyre Fisher Team Up

Profile on Canadian writer/director Jason Lapeyre. As well as an interview where we talk about his career and his movies, Cold Blooded, Faceless and I Declare War.


183. Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman

This episode we share the stunning Sandman series written by Neil Gaiman.

Robin Fisher - host of 'The Onomatopeia Show'


It’s come to my attention that you might want to know what I look like, but mostly old friends wanna see how I’m doing. This pic is from Nuite Blanche 2012.  The McCord Museum has been doing these great exhibits on toys. Beware of the Ookpiks!  

Nervosa - James Jean

Workin hard to stop slacking.

Okay, so……the title says it all? I’m going try to update this blog at least weekly, maybe more. Whether it be old articles, pics of my toy collection or comic treasures, questions I’d love to debate with fellow comic fans, and Onomatopoeia updates. I’m also going to be updating the podcasts as often as possible.  […]

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