Monthly Archives: January, 2009


10. Paradox Press’ Big Books Series

There are 17 books, each with over 60 different comic artists and over 200 pages of information.


9. Interview with Shigeo Yukawa

This is the interview I did with Shigeo Yukawa. The North American Sales Rep. for San-X.


8. San-x Rules, Sanrio drools!

San-X is the coolest, bestest and most awesomest Japanese merchandising company ever.


7. The ‘Playboy’ Cartoonists

This episode is about my favourite cartoonists to contribute to Playboy Magazine. Be warned that some of the pics are risque, but not pornographic.


6. New Stuff

This episode is just a mishmash of all the stuff I read over the Xmas holidays. Kids books, Hollywood tell-alls and Korean comics, oh my!

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